Episode 65 – Back with a Vengeance!

G’Day Listeners, We’re back in 2018 and with a vengeance! We’ll be changing the direction of the podcast, the content that we put out and how often we’ll be recording. Check It Out ┬╗

Episode 63 – Tournament Reports for Days!

Hey there Listeners! I remember saying last episode that we’d try to stick to fortnightly episodes, well two months later here’s our next episode ­čśŤ There has been a lot Check It Out ┬╗

Episode 62 – Australian Warhammer 40K ITC 2016 Championship Review

Hey Listeners, So we’re back! The first episode of 2017 is here finally after 3 weeks since recording. So I’m going to jump straight into what we cover this episode, Check It Out ┬╗

Episode 61 – OMG BITB4 Post-Tourney Report!?

Hello listeners, Hugh here! Geez its been a while! II want to start by apologising for our radio silence, as with Scott away its entirely my fault. With Scotty back Check It Out ┬╗

Episode 59 – Battle in the Bush 4

Hi listeners, Hugh here, So as explained, episodes were slightly out of order, this episode covers Battle in the Bush 4. After the usual spiel, we have an interview for Check It Out ┬╗


Episode 55 – Tournaments & Meta Part 1

Hey there Listeners, It’s be close to two months since we’ve released our last episode, which I must sincerely apologise for, as I got extremely busy during May and the beginning of June with Uni, Work and a heap of

Episode 54 – Adeptus Astartes Codex Review

Hi there Listeners, Once again, Hugh and myself sit down to review the Adeptus Astartes Codex, commonly known as Space Marine codex for 7th edition. We also discuss a heap of stuff to do with the Jolt Games April 40K ITC

Jolt Games April 40K ITC Tournament – TO’s Report

Hey guys, It’s Scott here and this post is going to be a bit different to the normal podcast posts. This is going to be the start of articles that I’ll write up on a specific topic every once in

Episode 53 – Craftworld Eldar Codex Review

G’Day┬áListeners, In this episode Hugh and myself sit down to go through the Craftworld Eldar codex as well as discuss a whole heap of other stuff. Now, Hugh hasn’t┬ábeen on since Episode 50 before Cancon, so it was great to

Episode 52 – Cult Mechanicus Codex Review

Hey Listeners, This episode I sit down with Sam, who hasn’t been on in a while and we catch up. We talk about a heap of thing such as Cancon, LVO 2016 and a bunch of other stuff before we

Episode 51 – Cancon 2016 Tournament Report

Hey there listeners, In this episode I’m joined by some guest hosts, John L, John K and Ewart, who all played in the 40K Competitive event at Cancon 2016. John L. was running Ad Mech Skitarii, John K. was running

Episode 50 – ACT Master’s, Cancon 2016 and Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii

Hey there listeners, I know it has been a while for us to get together to record episode 50 over the past 2 months, but we have finally got it recorded are released to you guys and this episode is

Drop Pod Incoming – Episode 3 (49.5)

Hi there Listeners, This is our third Drop Pod Incoming episode once again in lieu of recording episode 50 as I’d like to have Hugh, Sam and myself present to record it. However, this Drop Pod Incoming episode is a

Episode 49 – Khorne Daemonkin

  Hi there listeners, Sorry for the delay! I explain a little in the episode, but basically all three of us are under pressure from that Chaos God lesser known, life. News and rumors has been cut short due to

Episode 48 – Harlequins Codex Review

Hey there Listeners, This episode is our Harlequins Codex Review with Hugh and myself as well as the regular intro segment stuff, but no codex related stuff as we explain in the episode. Also a bit of a PSA, for