Episode 65 – Back with a Vengeance!

G’Day Listeners,

We’re back in 2018 and with a vengeance! We’ll be changing the direction of the podcast, the content that we put out and how often we’ll be recording. So we’re going back to a once a month schedule with about a hour to and hour and a half episodes, being more focused upon the hobby and our own happenings whilst covering a single spot topic each episode.

So, I won’t do a detailed run through of this episode, however we talk about what’s been happening as of late for myself and Hugh in terms of hobby, happenings at Jolt Games both previously, currently and throughout this year, whilst also going through all the codex releases and talking about one or two things that really stand out to us from that particular codex.

As always, you can get in contact with us by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and emailing where all the relevant information in on the ‘Contacts” page. If you have any suggestions for the podcast, whether it be content, improvements or anything else, then you can let us know by filling out the feedback form on the ‘Feedback’ page and we’ll definitely get it. Also head over to iTunes, and search for ‘The 2nd Wave Warhammer 40K Podcast’ and leave us a review on there so that people will start to find us on there as well.

Theme: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots ‘Sign of Fortune’ by DragonAvenger, Level 99, OA, thanks


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