7th Edition Ramblings and 40K Burnout

Hey Guys,

It’s Scott here once again, but this time with an article rather than a podcast episode. So you’ll notice that I haven’t released the next episode that we’ve recorded, there are a few reasons for that which I’ll go into in this article.

I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life that I’ve had to deal with, I haven’t attended a tournament since Applecart Crashers back in the start of March and have been going through a bit of 40K burnout. I found that my personal life combined with the fact that I’ve grown tired of 7th Edition and the meta game within the tournament scene has been why I’m feeling burnt out with the game at the moment. I’m trying to compete on the top tables and it’s all about several builds that aren’t fun to play against which are consistently up there. Now, before I list them, please note that I have the issue with the armies and not the player’s who are playing those armies currently. So, here’s the list:

  1. Ynnari Reborn Warhost – Okay, so everyone in the tournament scene should know of this one. My biggest issue, which I have a rant in the unreleased episode about, is the fact that they constantly get free additional actions during not just their own turns, but your opponent’s turns as well. All this does, is remove player interactivity within a game and if you want a game like that, honestly, go play Warmachine! Like seriously! It annoys me to such a point where it removes the fun from the game and makes me not want to play the game at all!
  2. Double Optimised Stealth Cadre – Now, I have personally faced this army in the final round of an event. This army is straight up not fun to play against, because again, you can’t even play a game against it and it just becomes a thing of “taking your stuff off”. 2+ Covers saves outside of 12 Inches, making units snap fire 3 times against a unit of 3 Ghostkeels with 6 drones that grant the covers saves, then the formation’s rules meaning it’s damaging vehicles against their rear armour value with all their shooting having Ignores Cover, which is applied to the Ghostkeels and the Stealthsuits if they’re within 6 Inches. So when units tank damage with 2+ saves everywhere and put out a lot of Str 5-8 shots, again it removes player interactivity within the game and see my above comment about removing player interactivity.
  3. Magnus the Red & Co. – This list has been around a bit longer than the rest, yet it still has some issues. Magnus is the main problem with this list, the fact that he knows 15 Powers, generates 5 Warp Charges and then the rest of the army being focused around giving him more warp charges to use to kill units. Now, this build is less the an issue than the above two, but because he is Flying around with 360 LOS, ignoring perils, harnessing on  2+ for 650pts, which in my opinion is a touch under costed. Not as massively undercosted as Wraithknights, but I could see Magnus costing around 700-750pts and being okay with that. He still does take up a massive chunk of your army, but you build the rest of the army to work around him.

Now, these are the main 3 armies that I have issues with coming at the end of 7th Edition from a competitive mindset.  The above has also impacted me in terms of working on things for the podcast, as I honestly have struggled to sit down to edit the episode I’m sitting on to release as it just a reminder of what I’ve found disheartening and the issues with the state of the game for the past 6-8 months of 7th Edition. Going into 8th Edition in a couple of weeks has really gotten me excited to play competitive 40K again. There has been a lot of excitement building from the articles being released about the rules and factions done by Games Workshop and Frontline Gaming on the Warhammer Community website.

There were a few things that helped me recover from my 40K burnout to be ready to go for 8th Edition competitively. Firstly, I started to play my Tau in our Autumn league, before I started working Tuesday nights, and even though I took one strong unit in that, the following fortnight changed up my list and removed that unit to tone down my list to focus around having more fun and taking some of the choices that are hardly seen, like Hammerheads and Pathfinders. The second is that I’ve recently just focused a bit more on the hobby side of things rather than the competitive gaming side. I recently pick up a heap of Deathwatch Space Marines, so I’ve slowly been building them and getting them ready to add into my existing SM collection. And lastly, the thing that I’m working towards, but am yet to do, is to take a full inventory of what miniatures I have got painted, assembled and unassembled for all my armies, so that I am able to focus on finishing building and painting the forces and units that I want to keep, or sell off the units that I no longer want to have in my own personal collection.

All of these have helped or will help me prepare mentally for the new edition, so that I can go in knowing what I own and can deploy out on the Table depending on what is strong for SM’s and be ready to do the best I can. I’m personally gearing up to take the second half of this ITC season by storm with my Space Marines to follow my goals that I’ve got before I head over to the LVO the beginning of next year.

I hope that you’ve found this article to help answer a few questions as to ‘What’s going on with the Podcast?’ and why I haven’t been particularly present at events or online as of late in the 40K scene. We’ll hopefully get an episode out soon, whether it’s the one I’m sitting on or one covering the new drop of 8th Edition.

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