Episode 62 – Australian Warhammer 40K ITC 2016 Championship Review

Hey Listeners,

So we’re back! The first episode of 2017 is here finally after 3 weeks since recording. So I’m going to jump straight into what we cover this episode, which is the review of the Warhammer 40K ITC 2016 Championships that happened at Canocn 2017 late January that both John and myself ran. So without keeping you any longer, here’s the run through the episode:

1. Hobby Talk – We talk about what hobby we have been working on, as well as the games that we have played recently as well – 0:04:33

2. News & Rumours – Hugh brings us a relatively comprehensive run through of the new releases since the Wrath of Magnus release up to the second Gathering Storm releases as well as the most recent rumours – 0:19:20

3. Australian Warhammer 40K ITC 2016 Championships – Myself and John give a thorough review of the Australian Warhammer 40K ITC 2016 Championships, discussing the Good, the Bad and the Ugly as well as going through who won what for the Tournament Prizes as well as the Australian ITC 2016 Season Awards – 0:49:20

4. Upcoming ITC Events – We each discuss one ITC event that is coming up for the start of the 2017 Season and how our preparations were going for them – 1:41:22

5. Listener Questions – We answer a few listener questions that we have been asked – 1:54:54

6. Wrap Up – We wrap up the episode with hobby progress that we are wanting to get done as well as calling out a few guys for ITC top spots and such, all in jest of course! – 1:59:54

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Theme: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots ‘Sign of Fortune’ by DragonAvenger, Level 99, OA, thanks


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