Episode 61 – OMG BITB4 Post-Tourney Report!?

Hello listeners, Hugh here!

Geez its been a while! II want to start by apologising for our radio silence, as with Scott away its entirely my fault. With Scotty back in the new year we’re planning on setting ourselves straight and getting stuck in to pumping out new content for you guys. I’ll use this space to announce my absence from Cancon this year, I simply can’t get long enough off of work. However, there’s going to be plenty of content coming out alongside from us, so stay tuned for that. Today I’ve got Krausey and Arawn (Titan Miniatures Commission and winner of BITB 4) on for a bit of a round-table discussing the tournament as well as some casual discussion around the hobby followed by an interview with Chris and Ben once again asking them a few questions about how they felt the weekend went from behind the scenes.

Before you listen I will say to watch out for the audio quality during the interview as our software isn’t perfect all the time, there’s a touch of hashing when the others talk – clearly I haven’t appeased my PC’s machine spirit nearly enough!

0:00:53 – Intro ramble with me and John

0:13:05 – Round-table with myself, John and Arawn, discussing the tournament and some casual discussion about all sorts of hobby things.

1:00:50 – Interview with Chris and Ben chatting about how things were behind the scenes with surprise appearance from John!

As always guys, thanks for listening, and get pumped for Cancon – now an ITC Major!

Cheers 😀

Theme: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots ‘Sign of Fortune’ by DragonAvenger, Level 99, OA

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