Episode 59 – Battle in the Bush 4

Hi listeners, Hugh here,

So as explained, episodes were slightly out of order, this episode covers Battle in the Bush 4. After the usual spiel, we have an interview for you with Chris and Ben, two of the TO’s for the upcoming tournament out of Orange. Myself and John will both be there, as we are really looking forward to playing with some new mechanics the boys are trying, namely the 2 superheavy limit.

0:00:53 – Usual intro spiel, me and John have a quick chat.
0:06:55 – Now we move onto the interview with the FNG crew, and discuss the upcoming tournament.
0:50:32 – Final thoughts

As always, thanks for listening guys and I look forward to seeing some of you there!



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  1. Michael moore says:

    Cant wait to here the post tournament episode!

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