Episode 60 – Menza Open Interview

Hi there listeners, Hugh here,

Big apologies for the lateness by a day and also during the day for this one, upload has been excruciatingly slow. But, I think you’re really gonna like the interview we’ve got lined up in this one, so worth the wait. And we are out of order! Well… sort of… we recorded them in the order of 59 and then 60, but the Menza Open is sooner hence we’re getting their episode out first so you’ve got a chance to sign up.
Also please realise some of the audio issues are unavoidable, I’m really annoyed about them but due to single base recording and a not perfect connection, some minor audio artifacts are in this episode, hence why I spent some extra time with it to try to get these to be as best as they could be.

Scott is swamped with uni, so you’ve got me and Krausey for this one. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Hobby Talk – John and I give you a quick update on our respective progress in recent times – 00:00:45

2. Interview Begins – We didn’t mess around with this episode, straight into the interview with Shawn and Jeremy from Menza Gaming in Victoria, discussing the basics of the event and getting a feel for the two of them as TO’s – 00:07:57

3. SIDEBOARDS –  We spend a good portion of the interview coming to grips with the sideboard concept, something that (in theory) I think is going to have a hug impact on competitive 40K if/when it takes off. The boys go really in-depth with describing the system, as well as potential list candidates  – 00:31:30

4. Finishing thoughts – Before we leave you, Krausey and I give our opinions, and lay down some of what we want to get done before next recording – 01:26:03

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Menza Open





Theme: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots ‘Sign of Fortune’ by DragonAvenger, Level 99, OA, thanks

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