Episode 57 – Wintercon 2016 Part 1

G’Day Listeners,

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for how late this episode and the following episode is. I have been absolutely swamped with Uni and everything else that I do in real life on top of being sick for a few weeks as well, so I have had to put he podcast on the back burner for a period of time.

However, onto what this episode is all about, which is our First Wintercon 2016 Coverage episode as we have that much coverage that it needs to be split over 2 episodes! In this episode, Hugh, John and Myself talk about how everything went at Wintercon 2016 that happened in late July as well as a few other things as well. So with out further adieu, here’s the run through for this episode:

1. Hobby Talk – We talk about what hobby we have been up to as well as the games that we have played recently apart from Wintercon 2016 – 0:01:34

2. News & Rumours – We discuss the new releases and pre-orders from GW at the time this was recorded as well as talking about the rumours that were floating around at the time as well as some event discussion for up coming events some of us are attending and Australian ITC event happening during August – 0:14:18

3. Interview with Frankie from Frontline Gaming – I had the pleasure of sitting down with Frankie from Frontline Gaming to talk about the 40K Tournament Scene on the West Coast of the US as well as talking about the ITC and Frontline Gaming as well – 0:34:19

4. Wintercon 2016 – Tournament Organiser Report – So I give a quick break down of how the Tournament went as the TO for it as well as some of the things that I did well and not so well at – 1:12:04

5. Wintercon 2016 – Tournament Report Part 1 – Hugh and John give a detailed run through of what lists they were playing as well as how they played, the armies their opponents were using and how their games went on Day 1 – 1:27:36

6. Hugh’s Wintercon 2016 Interviews – Hugh chats with Justin G. who was his Round 1 Opponent and Chris M. who was his Round 2 Opponent at Wintercon 2016 to talk about the game that they played, what they were using as well as the result of the game – 2:14:34

7. Wintercon 2016 – Tournament Report Part 2 – We discuss the casual BBQ that we had on the Saturday night as well as John and Hugh running through how they went in their games at Day 2 of Wintercon 2016 covering who they played, what they were playing and the result of their games – 2:21:25

8. Outro – I round out the show on bealf of the guys and let you know what’s coming up in Part 2 as well as the usual wrap up for the episode – 3:03:58

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Theme: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots ‘Sign of Fortune’ by DragonAvenger, Level 99, OA, thanks

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