Epsiode 56 – Terracon 2016

Hey there Listeners,

This episode is entirely Terracon coverage, with discussion on the way down, at the tournament, on the way back and after it’s all said and done. This episode comes in at close to 4 hours of content, which is enormous!!! So be prepared to sit down and get some hobby done whilst listening to this one guys. So without holding it off any further, here’s the run through of the episode:

1. Introduction – I do a quick intro to the episode as well as a brief update for Wintercon 2016 that’s happening in about a week and a half’s time – 0:00:52

2. Drive to Terracon 2016 –  As both Arawn from Titan Miniatures and Myself were driving down to Terracon we discussed our armies, missions, expected meta as well as what potential bad match-ups we could face for our armies – 0:03:25

3. Game 1 & 3 Interviews – At Day 1 of Terracon 2016, I interview my Game 1 opponent, Nicholas, and my Game 3 Opponent, Andrew ‘Damage’, where we talked about our games, what armies they were running as well as a couple of other things as well – 0:29:15

4. Saturday Night – So after Dinner with some of the guys on Saturday night, I chat with Shawn, Jarrod and Jeremy from Menaz gaming as well as Arawn about Day 1 of Terracon 2016. We talk about how the guys have gone so far briefly as well as talking about differing meta’s, mission types and a heap of other topics as well – 0:41:12

5. Game 4 & 5 Interviews – At Day 2 of Terracon 2016, I interview my Game 4 opponent, Ty, and my Game 5 opponent, Michael, where we discuss our games, what armies they were playing and a few other things as well – 1:14:11

6. Drive back from Terracon 2016 – Again Arawn and myself record as we were driving back from Terracon 2016, where we talk about the games we played, how we went tactically, what we could of done differently as well as a heap of other stuff to do with event – 1:26:08

7. Interview with Eric, the Terracon TO – After the Tournament, I interview Eric who was the TO for Terracon 2016 to talk about the history of the tournament as well as the format, missions and how the event went as a whole – 2:35:55

8. Interview with Matt, Ty and Adam – Also after the Tournament, I sit down for a chat with Matt, Ty and Adam to talk about what army they were each playing, each of their rounds and how they ended up overall – 2:43:02

9. Wrap Up – I quickly wrap up the episode with a few shout outs and the normal closing statements – 3:49:08

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Theme: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots ‘Sign of Fortune’ by DragonAvenger, Level 99, OA, thanks to ocremix.org

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