Episode 40 – Grey Knights Codex Review

G’Day Listeners,

In this episode myself and Sam cover of on the usual segments to start off with as well as a bit of friendly banter and then we get stuck into the Grey Knights Codex. So, here’s the run through of the episode:

1. Hobby Talk – We discuss what hobby we have been up to as of late, future plans of hobby projects and any games that we have played recently – 0:01:05

2. News & Rumours – We talk about the wave of new Space Marine rumours and released, get Sam’s opinions of them as well as talking a bit about the up-coming new edition of Warhammer Fantasy that is being released on the 11th of July – 0:06:05

3. Grey Knights Codex Review – We go through the entire, yes folks, the entire Grey Knights codex review in one episode. We review pretty much everything in the book from Army Special Rules right up to the Tactical Objectives and everywhere in between – 0:25:02

4. Competitive Lists – Both Sam and myself run through a 1850pt Army List for them and discuss our opinions of them and how the lists work – 1:32:41

5. For the New Guy – I have put together four different options on how to start a Grey Knights army for under $250 Australian Dollars – 1:44:35

6. Closing – We talk about our final thoughts of the codex as a whole and then close out the show with the usual talk – 1:49:20

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Theme: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots ‘Sign of Fortune’ by DragonAvenger, Level 99, OA, thanks to ocremix.org

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