Episode 39 – Champions of Fenris Supplement and Inquisition Codex Reviews

G’Day Listeners,

In this episode Hugh and Myself review both the Champions of Fenris Supplement for the Space Wolves and the Inquisition Codex, we also have an Interview with Rowan, who is the TO running the 40K Event at Wintercon 2015 in Canberra, plus all the normal segments we have in our episodes. So with out making you wait any longer, here’s the run through of the episode:

1. Hobby Talk – We discuss what hobby we have been working on since Episode 38 (which hasn’t been released yet, whoops) and the games that we have had – 0:01:20

2. News & Rumours – We discuss the latest releases from both GW and Forge World as of the 23th of May, as well as the rumours of Space Marines at the time, which are now up for Pre-Order. I go off on a bit of a rant due to Space Marine getting a release before other armies and such as well – 0:17:00

3. Interview – I interview Rowan, who is the TO for the 40K Event at Wintercon 2015 here in Canberra about the tournament and such. As I have mentioned before, The 2nd Wave Podcast is sponsoring the event as well so if you want 5 great games of 40K and to meet Hugh and Myself, then I recommend you sign up. You can find out more details for the event at the Wintercon 2015 40K Event Main Thread on WargamerAU – 0:35:13

4. Champions of Fenris Supplement Review – We review the Champions of Fenris supplement, going through the Special Rules, Warlord traits, Relics, Formations and Altar of War Missions – 0:56:36

5. Inquisition Codex Review – We run through Codex: Inquisition, discussing everything from Warlord Traits to the Units in the Codex and the finishing with a Allied Inquisition Detachment and discussing them as a whole – 1:26:02

I do apologise that this episode is out before Episode 38, which is part two of our Space Wolves Codex Review, but sometimes these things just happen and we can’t do much about it. Also you can get in contact with us by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and emailing where all the relevant information in on the ‘Contacts” page. If you have any suggestions for the podcast, whether it be content, improvements or anything else, then you can let us know by filling out the feedback form on the ‘Feedback’ page and we’ll definitely get it. Also head over to iTunes, and search for ‘The 2nd Wave Warhammer 40K Podcast’ and leave us a review on there so that people will start to find us on there as well.


Theme: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots ‘Sign of Fortune’ by DragonAvenger, Level 99, OA, thanks to ocremix.org

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