Monthly Archives: June 2015

Drop Pod Incoming – Episode 1 (40.5)

Hey there Listeners, This is our first of the new types of episode we’ll be doing every so often, called Drop Pod Incoming. These are going to be shorter than our standard episode and we’ll just be talking about whatever

Episode 40 – Grey Knights Codex Review

G’Day Listeners, In this episode myself and Sam cover of on the usual segments to start off with as well as a bit of friendly banter and then we get stuck into the Grey Knights Codex. So, here’s the run

Episode 39 – Champions of Fenris Supplement and Inquisition Codex Reviews

G’Day Listeners, In this episode Hugh and Myself review both the Champions of Fenris Supplement for the Space Wolves and the Inquisition Codex, we also have an Interview with Rowan, who is the TO running the 40K Event at Wintercon