Monthly Archives: October 2014

Episode 26 – Space Marine Codex Review Part 1

G’Day Listeners, This episode we start our review of the 6th Edition Space Marine Codex as well as the usual segments for the episode. Here’s the run through of the episode: 1. Hobby Talk – We talk about what hobby

Episode 25 – Death Krops of Krieg

Hey Listeners, This episode is a bit different to our normal ones. Hugh has recorded this episode by himself on the Death Korps of Kreig, which is one of the Forge World Imperial Guard (that’s right, not stupid Astra Militarum).

Episode 24 – ANUcon and Iyanden Supplement Review

G’Day Listeners, This episode I bring you a tournament report for ANUcon, which I attended 2 weeks ago which as well as a review on the Eldar Iyanden Codex Supplement with the usual segments after we review a codex or