Monthly Archives: May 2014

Episode 15 – Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Rulebook Part 1

Hey Listeners, This episode we start to go through the new 7th Edition Rules for Warhammer 40K. We have got a guest host, Sam, who is with us to go through the new rules. Here’s the run down on this

Episode 14 – Dark Angels Codex Review Part 2

G’day listeners, Here’s part 2 of our Dark Angels Codex Review. We tested out a new recording software for this episode to see how it goes and there is some audio problems where you’ll here Hugh’s responses to what I’m

Episode 13 – Dark Angels Codex Review Part 1

G’Day listeners, Here’s the first part of the Dark Angels review. Here’s a quick run down on this episode’s content: 1. Hobby Talk – We discuss what hobby work we have been doing or lack of it since recording our

Episode 12 – Chaos Space Marine Codex Review Part 2

Hey Listeners, Apologies for the delayed release of the second part of the Chaos Space Marine Codex Review. Here’s a run down of this episode: 1. Hobby Talk – We talk about what hobby we have done and any games