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Episode 59 – Battle in the Bush 4

Hi listeners, Hugh here, So as explained, episodes were slightly out of order, this episode covers Battle in the Bush 4. After the usual spiel, we have an interview for you with Chris and Ben, two of the TO’s for

Drop Pod Incoming – Episode 3 (49.5)

Hi there Listeners, This is our third Drop Pod Incoming episode once again in lieu of recording episode 50 as I’d like to have Hugh, Sam and myself present to record it. However, this Drop Pod Incoming episode is a

Drop Pod Incoming – Episode 2 (44.5)

Hi Listeners, This is the second episode of our Drop Pod Incoming episodes in lieu of episode 45 as scheduling to sit down and record with Hugh and Sam hasn’t worked out, but we should have it recorded shortly. In

Drop Pod Incoming – Episode 1 (40.5)

Hey there Listeners, This is our first of the new types of episode we’ll be doing every so often, called Drop Pod Incoming. These are going to be shorter than our standard episode and we’ll just be talking about whatever