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Episode 10 – The Dark Host of Naggroth

G’Day Listeners, In this episode I sit down with another great friend of mine, Jared, who is a veteran player of the Dark Elves. In this episode we dissect the new Dark Elf army book from the army special rules

Episode 8 – Year in Review and More Terrain Talk

G’Day Listeners, Here is our December Episode and our last one for this year, so here is a quick run down on what we discuss during the episode: 1. Hobby Talk – We discuss what hobby we have been working

Episode 6 – Better Late Than Never

G’Day Listeners, Here is the episode that we have been meaning to do to get back on schedule for podcast episodes. In this episode I sit down with a great friend of mine, Bren, who is a resident Lizardmen expert

Episode 3 – Rise of the Warriors of the Asur

G’day listeners, It is just me this episode guys and it is about half the normal time for a regular episode. I would just like to apologize for the delay on recording the episode, I ran into quite a few

Episode One – The 2nd Wave has made planetfall

Hello Listeners, Here is the first episode of the podcast: 1. Introductions – 0:00:00 2. New Releases and Rumours- Discussion about Tau, High Elves and what is supposedly coming out next month – 0:3:14 3. 40K Segment – 1850pt Game